Durable reinforced concrete containers

Since its creation in 2000, CDB has been manufacturing reinforced concrete containers for the conditioning of low and medium level radioactive waste.

These containers are used by EDF and the French Atomic Energy and New Energies Commission (CEA).

These containers have undergone a 300-year durability demonstration, enabling them to be approved by theAgence National pour la Gestion des Déchets RAdioactifs (Andra), the French national agency for radioactive waste management, as a consequence of the support of our customers in :

  • The development of high-performance concrete formulations

  • The definition of appropriated container geometry

  • The definition and the mastery of the industrial manufacturing process

  • The implementation of controls throughout the manufacturing process

Technical data

  Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Useful volume (dm3) Theoretical weight (kg) Application
C1PG 1 400 1 300 914 2 310 Conditioning of water filters and heterogeneous waste
C1PGPA 2 360 Conditioning of wastewater treatment sludge and concentrates
C1PGSP 2 390 Polystyrene-free container for deep storage
C1PGS1 640 3 950 MERCURE process (ion exchange resin treatment)
C1PGS2 525 4 900
C1PGS3 420 5 715
C1PGB1 640 3 890 UM2B process (sludge blocking)
C1PGB2 525 4 900
C1PGB3 420 5 700
C4PG 1 100 477 1 650 Conditioning of water filters and heterogeneous waste 
C4PGBA 73 2 860 RCV filter conditionning


Container drawings

Standard containers


MERCURE containers

UM2B containers

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