Conditionnement Déchets Béton

Designing and manufacturing concrete solutions for a safe and sustainable future


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A subsidiary of Cyclife France (EDF Group) and Vinci Construction, the company Conditionnement Déchets Béton (CDB), founded in 2000, specializes in the prefabrication of reinforced concrete products and the supply of pre-dosed concrete and mortar mixes for the nuclear, civil engineering and public works industries.

CDB's core business is the manufacture and supply of durable reinforced concrete containers and dry batches for the conditioning of low- and medium-level radioactive waste. As a long-standing and exclusive supplier of durable reinforced concrete containers to EDF, CDB plays an active role in the development and evolution of these packages, through industrialization tests, prototyping and qualification trials. Discover our testing facilities

CDB also has a long tradition of producing and distributing reinforced concrete electricity poles for low and medium-voltage overhead power lines, for the distribution network managed by ENEDIS. Discover our electricity poles range

CDB also produces reinforced concrete panels for soldier piles Find out more about this retaining technique and modular concrete blocks Discover the CDBloc range

In addition to these activities, CDB operates an alluvial quarry whose aggregates are marketed directly to construction and civil engineering companies in the region, as well as to private individuals. Visit our page dedicated to the alluvial quarry