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Product presentation

CDB manufactures reinforced concrete electricity poles to support low and medium-voltage overhead power lines.

CDB's annual production capacity is 3,000 electricity poles.

This generation of electricity poles marks a step forward in the field of safety, since their geometry makes them impossible to climb; the environment has not been forgotten either, since they can be tinted to blend in with the landscape.

Electricity poles comply with standard NF EN 12843.

Electricity poles are distributed in 18 departments in eastern France.

Whether in a depot or directly on site, our transport partners ensure autonomous unloading in compliance with safety requirements.

From 2.5 kN to 16 kN for lengths from 10 to 16m.

Installation in aligned low-voltage lines.

From 8 kN to 32 kN for lengths from 11 to 16m.

For use in aligned medium and high voltage lines, with multidirectional load-bearing capacity.


As part of the eco-design of its products, CDB carries out an analysis of the life cycle of its concrete electricity poles, the results of which appear on its Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets (HDES) made available to customers and end-users.